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Trey has rebounded

Good news! Trey has rebounded a little bit. He’s still having low grade fevers, but his blood pressure is much more stable. His appetite is weak, but he is sitting up and has some energy. I sure love when he feels good. Keep praying for Trey!!!


Some good friends dropped this card off at the hospital today. I needed this reminder and you probably do too. God is all these things and so much more:


Happy Birthday Brittany!

Happy birthday to my oldest daughter, Brittany! Britt, I love you and am so proud of you. You are an amazing example to your brothers and sister. You are growing up and becoming such a godly young lady and I could not be more proud of who you are. Your mom and I love you. Happy 13th birthday!


Rough Start to Today

Well, Trey woke up with a fever at 3am and some tummy pain…his blood pressure was also a little low, so they gave him some fluids. He was given Tylenol and his fever came down nicely. However, he had another fever when he woke up this morning, along with some tummy pain. His blood pressure has remained up, but he is still receiving fluids. Any way, the doctor wants to hold off on the Campath this morning and see how Trey is this afternoon. I hate Trey not getting Campath, but maybe his body needs a breather…I just don’t know, but the Lord does.

Pray for a few things please:

1. Fever to stay away;
2. Blood pressure to remain normal;
3. Wisdom for when to give Campath;
4. Rash to GO AWAY!!!!

Thank you so much!

Trey Update

Trey is doing pretty good. He has come A LONG way since he very serious episodes he had a while back. His fevers are virtually non-existent; his tummy pain is also rare these days; and just overall we can tell he feels better. He has more energy, a better appetite and is requiring less medication. He is almost completely off steroids…which is a good thing for his body.

His rash is also a little peculiar these days. It is still VERY pronounced, but it seems better in some places. He definitely has some new spots developing, but some of the other places that were very dark seem to be lightening up a little. Our doctors have been hesitant to do anything more extreme because they would rather see if the Campath and creams we are using continue to help. What I’m really hoping is that the Campath is now working on the cancer cells that have infiltrated Trey’s skin. Since we are finally seeing some signs of improvement, perhaps the Campath is working. It’s just hard to say. Any way, we continue to pray this situation resolves itself so more extreme measures can be avoided.

As far as the next transplant goes, we are really in a watch and wait kind of situation right now. Our doctors would love Trey to be 6 months post transplant before they do another one and expose him to more chemotherapy. That would be mid-late June since his last transplant was Dec. 27. They want Trey as healthy as possible before they proceed. Please keep praying for God’s perfect timing on all this.

As always, we have much to trust God with. Baby Toby is still stable, but also in a continued highly critical state. This is an important week for him as they try to get his lungs working again. Please keep lifting the Stewarts up to the Lord.

I will post again sometime in the next 2 days. Here is a verse I read today that is a prayer for all of us:

“I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope (Psalms 130:5).”

Keep praying! We love you.

Happy Birthday Caleb!

Today is my oldest son’s 12th birthday! Caleb, your mom and I love you and are so proud of you!!! You are a blessing and true gift from God. God has tremendous things in store for you buddy…keep your eyes on Jesus forever! Love you son.



Journey for Trey!

On Saturday, June 8th, a community event is being organized as a fundraiser for the Trey Freeman Medical Fund. It’s called Journey for Trey. This upcoming event was organized by a little boy in Trey’s kindergarten class who wanted desperately to do something big and special for his friend. He was so sad not to be able to be tested as a potential bone marrow donor for Trey, but he was determined to try and find a way to help. His heart for Trey and determination to help has been so touching, and we are so thankful to Maddyx Snow and his family!!! The details are below. Please participate and purchase a t-shirt if you can:



Trey’s a Champ!

Trey handled Campath like a pro today. His body is clearly getting used to that drug and it’s helping keep the bad cells suppressed. Please continue to pray his skin condition resolves itself. Emily and I both think it looks better.

Thanks for praying though. We couldn’t do this journey without you.

There also really no new news on Toby. This is an important week though as they are trying some new meds on him. Jeannie said he was stable to with some very moderate improvements. Please keep praying for him.

We love you!


Heading Back

We are heading back to big D today! Trey has had three wonderful days at home. Generally, when we are at the hospital, it’s often hard to get him out of the bed, but being home was a different story. He had energy, laughed a lot, got good exercise, slept well, and just enjoyed being home! It was refreshing to our soul to see him this way. I’m not sure if it will be harder on him or us going back. I laid in bed last night not wanting to go to sleep because I wanted things to remain as they were…but the Lord is good and gracious, and He will be with us today as we make yet another transition.

Emily will be with Trey for a few days, and then we will swap later this week. Ill have Emily post an update tomorrow sometime after the doctor makes his rounds. Trey will be getting Campath today, so we ask for your prayers for this. Please pray his body handled it well and that the medicine attack the cells in his skin.

We love you and so appreciate your prayers!

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