Rough Start to Today

Well, Trey woke up with a fever at 3am and some tummy pain…his blood pressure was also a little low, so they gave him some fluids. He was given Tylenol and his fever came down nicely. However, he had another fever when he woke up this morning, along with some tummy pain. His blood pressure has remained up, but he is still receiving fluids. Any way, the doctor wants to hold off on the Campath this morning and see how Trey is this afternoon. I hate Trey not getting Campath, but maybe his body needs a breather…I just don’t know, but the Lord does.

Pray for a few things please:

1. Fever to stay away;
2. Blood pressure to remain normal;
3. Wisdom for when to give Campath;
4. Rash to GO AWAY!!!!

Thank you so much!

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