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Had a great time with my wife at the OU/Texas game. A loss like this used to affect me more, but it’s just a game and has zero eternal significance. I wish OU would have won, but they didn’t. Hats off to Texas though…they wanted it more and it showed.

I loved the atmosphere of the game and really enjoyed the time with my wife and brother and sister in law. This was our first time back in Dallas since Trey went to be with Jesus, and we stayed at a hotel that Trey really loved, so it was hard in some ways. We tried to enjoy our time, and did largely, but it was still difficult.

Any way, we had a great time and I am looking forward to church tomorrow. We just keep trying to live and breathe and focus on eternal things. Trey continues to keep us focused on what matters. Your mom and I love you Trey!


Sweet Note from my oldest daughter

My 13 year old daughter sent this note to me right before I preached the 1st service last Sunday. She is such a wonderful daughter!

Dad. I love you so much. Your going to do great today. You always do. I know it’s going to be hard,, but we’re gonna make it.
Philippians 4:13
Jeremiah 29:11
2 Corinthians 4:18
I love you dad😘

Trey Update and Prayer for Strength

I had to leave Trey today to come back to Oklahoma for my mother in law’s funeral tomorrow. I hated to leave Trey, but really needed to get home to be with Emily.

I left Trey in good hands though. My mom is there, along with our children’s minister and Trey’s oldest brother, Caleb. He also has the nurse he is most familiar with and who handles Trey great. They all told me that Trey had a good day today. That was a tremendous relief for me and made me smile.

Trey has been having some fevers recently though, which I hope is related to the chemo and not an infection or the abnormal cells. When I left this morning, he still had a temp, but apparently rallied and had a good day. I am heading back tomorrow and will be there for a couple of days until Emily and I switch. I will be back with my church family on Sunday preaching a special message entitled: See the Unseen, from 2 Corinthians 4:16-18. Please keep praying for Trey…these next 7-10 days will tell us a lot about what we are facing. Please pray the abnormal cells stay suppressed and that Trey stays protected. Pray God keeps working miracles in his little life!

Tomorrow will be a hard day though. Tomorrow, we will celebrate a tremendous life…the life of my wife’s mother. I grew very close to Cynthia in the time I knew her and had some incredible conversations with her in the final months of her life. Tomorrow I will be sharing about the far reaching impact she had in my life and the lives of so many others. Please pray that the Lord is high and lifted up and that anyone who does not know Christ will come to know Him tomorrow.

The service is at 10am at First Baptist Newcastle and I would appreciate your prayers. Cynthia was one of the most special people I have ever known. She will be missed greatly, but I, along with our family, celebrate the fact that she is completely FREE in every way in the very presence of God! I look forward to seeing her again!

My Mother in Law’s Funeral

I’m finishing the message for my mother in law’s (Emily’s mom) funeral and in tears, I’m so thankful to have known her. She was a gift to me. I pray that the words God has given me will honor her and point people to Jesus. We will laugh, celebrate, cry and be filled with hope as we remember a life well lived…a life that made much of Jesus! Here is a picture of Cynthia with her daughters (my wife is on the right).


Emily’s Mom is with Jesus!

As many of you know, Emily’s mother, Cynthia, has fought a very brave battle with bone cancer for several years. She has endured tremendous battles and this morning, at 6:15am, the Lord called her home.

I am certain that when she arrived in heaven, her father, Bro. Bob Hammons, who passed away about a year ago and who she loved very much, was there waiting for her and was holding Toby (her newest grand baby who went to be with Jesus just a couple of months ago). I’m sure it was a glorious welcoming for her.

But most importantly, I know the Lord welcomed her and said those incredible words, “Well done thou good and faithful servant.” Cynthia loved Jesus with all her heart and she made a HUGE difference in the lives of so many people.

I cannot even begin to tell of the impact she had on my life. I loved Cynthia very much and was able to see her for the last time on earth last Wednesday. She looked good. My oldest son prayed with her and she was an absolute blessing to us that night. I cannot wait to see her again!

We will have a home going celebration service on Thursday at 10am at First Baptist Church in Newcastle. Flowers can be sent to Wilson-Little Funeral Home in Newcastle, OK.

Thank you for praying for our family…the Lord has chosen to take Toby and now Cynthia. I don’t know what His plans are for Trey, but we continue to ask for a miracle here on earth.

We’re all in this together!

We are all here for Trey’s surgery tomorrow! He’s very happy. We’ve been watching funny Trey videos since we’ve been here. We love watching Trey laugh!


Father’s Day

Today is going to be a tough day for some families. Some have lost their dads and miss these terribly and some dads have lost kids and miss them as well. I’m mindful of three men in my life today:

1. My father, Ken Freeman. I wouldn’t be where I am today without his influence on my life. I love you dad and praise God for how He uses you in people’s lives. Thank you for all you do for our family. Happy Father’s Day!

2. My father in law, Larry McMains. I couldn’t have asked for a better family to marry into. Larry, thank you for the wisdom you give and daily sacrifice you make for our family. We love you. Happy Father’s Day.

3. Ben Stewart, my brother in law. I know today will be hard for you, but you will have the strength you need today because God will give it to you. You have three beautiful children on earth and one waiting for you in heaven. Love you brother. Rest in Jesus today!

To all the dads out there…happy Father’s Day. It’s a glorious calling to be a dad, but it is also arduous and weighty. Keep seeking the Lord and let Him be strong through you as you raise mighty warriors of the Lord.

Have a great day!

Prayer for tomorrow

As a pastor, no amount of preparation can really get you ready to preach the funeral of a family member, especially one for a baby. I would ask that you would pray for me tomorrow as I try to be a good brother in law, but also a good pastor as I minister to my family. Also, please pray I will have the emotional strength necessary as I preach. It is going to be a hard day, but God’s grace is sufficient. The service will be very God-honoring and Christ-exalting and I hope you are making plans to attend if you can. Ben and Jeannie are doing well and we pray that God continues to minister to their heart in powerful ways. Our God is good and we trust Him…and to Him be all the glory.

Toby Stewart Funeral – A few more details

Many have asked about seeing/visiting with Ben and Jeannie…tonight from 6pm-7pm there will be an open, but brief time of visitation with the family at the Wilson-Little funeral home in Newcastle, OK (Tri-City area behind Mazzios). There will, of course, not be a viewing, but rather just a time of encouragement and fellowship.

The family will have a private time together from 7pm-8pm.

Again, the funeral service will be this Saturday, June 15, 2013, at 1pm at First Baptist Church of Newcastle:
1650 N. Main St.
Newcastle, OK 73065
-a private family graveside service will immediately follow.

May God be glorified and Jesus lifted up high during these trying days. We love you!

Funeral Details for Toby

The funeral for Toby Robert Stewart will be at First Baptist Church of Newcastle this Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 1pm. There will be a private family graveside service at Newcastle Memorial Gardens immediately following the funeral service. Wilson-Little funeral home in Newcastle will be handling the funeral arrangements and I will be officiating the service.

Please be praying for our family, especially Ben and Jeannie Stewart, and their children. We hope you will be able to join for this difficult, but very special day as we celebrate Toby’s home going.

We love you!

Jeremy Freeman

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