Heading Back

We are heading back to big D today! Trey has had three wonderful days at home. Generally, when we are at the hospital, it’s often hard to get him out of the bed, but being home was a different story. He had energy, laughed a lot, got good exercise, slept well, and just enjoyed being home! It was refreshing to our soul to see him this way. I’m not sure if it will be harder on him or us going back. I laid in bed last night not wanting to go to sleep because I wanted things to remain as they were…but the Lord is good and gracious, and He will be with us today as we make yet another transition.

Emily will be with Trey for a few days, and then we will swap later this week. Ill have Emily post an update tomorrow sometime after the doctor makes his rounds. Trey will be getting Campath today, so we ask for your prayers for this. Please pray his body handled it well and that the medicine attack the cells in his skin.

We love you and so appreciate your prayers!

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