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I miss this guy!

The hardest part of being home is looking at old pictures. It’s just crazy how much has changed in 1 year. I just read this verse…and needed it:

“…set your hope FULLY on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ!” -1 Peter 1:13c

I know that God will FULLY restore Trey one way or another…my hope has to remain FULLY fixed on Jesus. Jesus truly is our hope!!!


My Prayer Today

Here is my prayer today from Psalm 30:

“O Lord, hear my voice! Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my pleas for mercy! I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope; (Psalm 130:2, 5).”

I continue, along with so many others, to cry out to the Lord for mercy…extra mercy. I don’t know what God’s plan is for Trey, and until He reveals it, I’m crying out the desires of my heart…which are HEAL TREY LORD!

Trey continues to have decent days. Not too good…not too bad. His fevers are still present, but seem to be more controlled. He still has an infection and they are treating it as best as they can, but some of the medicine is affecting his liver, so they are trying to balance all that…which is very difficult.

Things to really pray for:

1. For the infection to clear immediately!

2. For his lungs to clear and function to perfection so he can get off the oxygen!

3. For his good cells to start coming back in. His white blood cell count is still less than 200. We can’t do another flow cytometry test until his WBC is at least 500. Plus, we need his good cells to come in to start help fighting his infection!

4. For the abnormal cells to stay away!

We are absolutely desperate and dependent on the Lord for everything. Your prayers mean so much to us. Keep approaching the throne of grace over and over…I still believe miracles are happening daily and will continue until healing comes.

Trey Update

Update from Emily:

Trey has had a good day today. He got out of bed for a little while, and we played a super hero board game :-). Trey, aka, “FLASH,” won the game….(he’s just too fast for me!)

The doctor informed me that one of Trey’s cultures revealed a fungal infection. This infection is most likely responsible for the lung issues. It is good to know what we are up against, and can now target this infection more aggressively!

The doctor also said that if we can get Trey down to regular oxygen, he can possibly spend a few days at home next week. This gives us a goal to work toward at least…

I personally have decided to stop watching the monitors attached to Trey’s body so closely. I find myself letting them dictate how I feel. Instead, MY HOPE IS IN THE LORD, who remains forever constant!!!

Please continue to pray that this fungal infection clears up, that our family can have some time together at home, and of course, for the miracle!!

“Some trust in horses, some trust in chariots, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God!!”


I won’t go into the details, but Trey really wants to go home. He broke a little today and misses his family terribly…and because he broke, Emily and I broke too.

Therefore…we are praying a specific prayer that would require nothing less than a miracle. TWO DAYS…we are praying for God to get Trey well enough to come home for two days. We want to shock the socks off our doctors…and for Trey to be able to come home for two days would require a radical change in him…which we are praying for. Trey needs a break…he needs to be with his family…so we are asking God to make that happen!

Join us…

Emily’s Thoughts…a must read!

From my wife:

Thoughts from a hospital room at 2am….
As I lay here listening to Trey breath… Slow, steady breaths that sound so much better than the night before… I am grateful. I am grateful because I don’t know how many good breaths he has left. I am also reminded of how every breath he takes is a gift from God. Every breath I take is a gift from God! I inhale and exhale each day, taking for granted that the next breath will come….Not really considering what I will or will not do with the next breath. I hate to think How many breaths I have taken for granted…and how many breaths I have wasted….Or even used to harm. God has a design and purpose for each and every breath that we take. To obey Him…to serve Him… To worship Him…glorify Him… To tell others about Him… Are these the goals of each breath that God gives me? If not….. Why not?
None of us know how many breaths we have left!! So…when you think of Trey today, struggling for his next breath, please remember not to waste yours.

Need the lungs to heal!

Trey’s doing okay, but we need his lungs to heal! All we ask today is for concentrated prayer regarding Trey’s lungs! Please Lord, heal the infection…open his lungs…keep protecting him…and heal his lungs!!!

Back on Vapotherm

As I’ve mentioned, Trey has had a fever pretty much around the clock and the nurses have been giving him antibiotics and rotating toradol and Tylenol to control the fevers. We know there has to be an infection somewhere, but none of the cultures or lab work have revealed anything.

This morning, Trey started having trouble with his lungs again. Not as bad as before, but his saturation was headed in the wrong direction…so, to hopefully stay ahead of any problems, we put him back on the Vapotherm oxygen machine. We feel the infection could be in his lungs and need to provide him some support. This, of course, is a set back, but perhaps the Vapotherm, and in-line treatments, will clear up any infection and take care of his rampant fevers.

So far, he has responded wellto the Vapotherm, but if his lungs started to decline, the next step would be to put him on a ventilator…and we do not want to do that. We believe his lungs WILL continue to respond well though and this machine will help with any infection he might have. According to Emily, Trey was talking and acting fine this morning, but his breathing was just a little shallow and fast. Please pray the Vapotherm will help with any infection he might have and that his lungs respond very well.

I was reminded of these Scriptures this morning, and even though I’m not with Trey, I’m praying Jesus just heals him today, just as He did Jarius’ daughter (I’ve added Trey’s name and changed the age to make it a more personal prayer):

“and ‘he’ implored him earnestly, saying, “My little son is at the point of death. Come and lay your hands on him, so that he may be made well and live.” But overhearing what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, “Do not fear, only believe.” And immediately the boy got up and began walking (for he was seven years of age), and they were immediately overcome with amazement (Mark 5:23, 36, 42).

Oh Lord, I don’t fear anymore…I only believe! Trey is Your’s…You made Him…please heal and breathe life into Him and let his testimony be one of Your power in His life. Father, we speak the name of Jesus over Trey and know that at the name of Jesus, everything bows. Please Jesus, in Your name, cause this sickness bow it’s knee to You and may Your power run through His body! We love You Lord!

Pray the fevers away

Emily and I are requesting prayer for Trey’s fevers. We need them to go away. We feel that he must have an infection somewhere and we need his body to stay protected. He’s having fevers around the clock.

Please stop and pray for Trey’s fevers to cease completely!!!

Thank you.

See the Unseen

This morning I am preaching a message called “See the Unseen.” This is a message I am preaching to no one other than myself…I need this today…I need to be reminded to look not at the things which are temporary, but rather the unseen things which are eternal. This is incredibly hard to do each day…especially when someone you love is fighting for their life. It’s hard not to stare at monitors, lab work, doctors reports, thermometers, and on and on. But I need to take my eyes off all those seen things and just remember that God has an eternal plan for Trey…something incredibly unseen!

Trey does continue to have fevers…lots of them. I’d love to think the fevers were a good thing, either his body still just reacting to the chemo or perhaps his good cells starting to come in and attack the bad cells…and the fever honestly could be those things, but Trey’s history tells us the fevers are probably a result of the abnormal cells in his body. We won’t know that for sure until his numbers come up enough to do another flow cytometry report…which should probably be next week.

Trey’s also recently had some blood pressure issues. Yesterday he slept most of the day and at one point, his blood pressure got extremely low. They were able to get it back up, but have been monitoring him very closely. Low BP with fevers is often a result of sepsis (infection in the blood). Trey continues to rally though and we know that God has the final say on him.

Knowing that Trey has a 95% of not surviving is overwhelming daunting…we know without any doubt that if God does not step in, He will be calling Trey home. Therefore, we call out to Him! We are desperate for the hand of God to remove this sickness…desperate! At the end of the day, it’s ALL in His hands no matter what treatments are offered…so we continue to appeal to Him over and over. We also continue to ask you to join us in asking the Lord for extra grace and mercy…and that He would remove this disease from Trey’s body.

As you gather with your church families this morning..,please cry out…Oh Lord hear and oh Lord heal!!! We love you and will keep you updated.

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