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A Life of Example

If you ever needed a hero to follow, look no further in the Scripture than Joseph. He was a man who lived a hard, but extraordinary life. Joseph’s life was marked by struggle, trial, perseverance, and triumph. His testimony offers hope to anyone whose life has not worked out the way they planned and who may have wondered why God has allowed certain things into their life. As you look at the life of Joseph, there are several things we can learn from his story.

First, a life of example is marked by God’s presence and power. One of the themes of Joseph’s life was that God was always with him. Even when his brothers abandoned Joseph, God never abandoned him. The presence of God in Joseph’s life produced the power of God in his life, and he was able to endure and overcome many things he faced.

Second, a life of example is marked by purpose and passion. His brothers sold Joseph into slavery and he became a servant of a man in Egypt named Potiphar. Potiphar quickly recognized something unique about Joseph and began to put him in charge of many things in his home. Joseph served Potiphar well and exhibited tremendous purpose and passion in all that he did. Joseph’s passion came from his purpose, and his purpose came from God.

Third, a life of example is marked by purity and perspective. It was not long before another trial came into Joseph’s life. Potiphar’s wife took an interest in Joseph and she pursued him. She wanted him to have an affair with her, but Joseph would not sin against God or his master. Joseph was a man of tremendous purity and integrity, but he also had a great perspective. He would not compromise in the slightest.

Fourth, a life of example is marked by prudence and providence. Potiphar’s wife got mad that Joseph would not sleep with her, so she lied and said he tried to rape her. Potiphar threw Joseph in prison. While in prison, God was with Joseph and God gave him favor with the prison guard and other prisoners. Joseph had the unique ability to interpret dreams and did so for some of the prisoners.

It was not long before Pharaoh had a dream that he needed to have interpreted. He heard about Joseph and called upon him. Joseph interpreted his dream and Pharaoh pardoned him from prison and made him second in command in all of Egypt. He said that there was no one in the land with the wisdom and discernment of Joseph.

Joseph used his wisdom to store up grain for the famine that hit the land. One day, his brothers showed up because they needed grain. He had not seen them in over two decades. They did not even recognize him. Joseph could have thrown them all in prison for what they did to him, but he forgave them and said, “What you intended for evil, God intended for good.” Joseph saw the providential hand of God in his life. Instead of being bitter about his circumstances, he got better and became the man God wanted him to become.

Today, live a life of example. God’s presence and power are with you. Walk with purpose, passion, purity, perspective, and prudence. Above all, rest in the providence of God, knowing He is in complete control.


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