Emily’s Thoughts…a must read!

From my wife:

Thoughts from a hospital room at 2am….
As I lay here listening to Trey breath… Slow, steady breaths that sound so much better than the night before… I am grateful. I am grateful because I don’t know how many good breaths he has left. I am also reminded of how every breath he takes is a gift from God. Every breath I take is a gift from God! I inhale and exhale each day, taking for granted that the next breath will come….Not really considering what I will or will not do with the next breath. I hate to think How many breaths I have taken for granted…and how many breaths I have wasted….Or even used to harm. God has a design and purpose for each and every breath that we take. To obey Him…to serve Him… To worship Him…glorify Him… To tell others about Him… Are these the goals of each breath that God gives me? If not….. Why not?
None of us know how many breaths we have left!! So…when you think of Trey today, struggling for his next breath, please remember not to waste yours.

One thought on “Emily’s Thoughts…a must read!

  1. Beth Mackey says:

    from one mother’s heart to another – thank you for such a timely reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness – even in the little things

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