See the Unseen

This morning I am preaching a message called “See the Unseen.” This is a message I am preaching to no one other than myself…I need this today…I need to be reminded to look not at the things which are temporary, but rather the unseen things which are eternal. This is incredibly hard to do each day…especially when someone you love is fighting for their life. It’s hard not to stare at monitors, lab work, doctors reports, thermometers, and on and on. But I need to take my eyes off all those seen things and just remember that God has an eternal plan for Trey…something incredibly unseen!

Trey does continue to have fevers…lots of them. I’d love to think the fevers were a good thing, either his body still just reacting to the chemo or perhaps his good cells starting to come in and attack the bad cells…and the fever honestly could be those things, but Trey’s history tells us the fevers are probably a result of the abnormal cells in his body. We won’t know that for sure until his numbers come up enough to do another flow cytometry report…which should probably be next week.

Trey’s also recently had some blood pressure issues. Yesterday he slept most of the day and at one point, his blood pressure got extremely low. They were able to get it back up, but have been monitoring him very closely. Low BP with fevers is often a result of sepsis (infection in the blood). Trey continues to rally though and we know that God has the final say on him.

Knowing that Trey has a 95% of not surviving is overwhelming daunting…we know without any doubt that if God does not step in, He will be calling Trey home. Therefore, we call out to Him! We are desperate for the hand of God to remove this sickness…desperate! At the end of the day, it’s ALL in His hands no matter what treatments are offered…so we continue to appeal to Him over and over. We also continue to ask you to join us in asking the Lord for extra grace and mercy…and that He would remove this disease from Trey’s body.

As you gather with your church families this morning..,please cry out…Oh Lord hear and oh Lord heal!!! We love you and will keep you updated.

One thought on “See the Unseen

  1. Sandy James says:

    We continue to pray for your family especially Trey. I am also dying of cancer and you should be so thankful Trey knows the Lord. It gives us a special peace.

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