Trey Update

Update from Emily:

Trey has had a good day today. He got out of bed for a little while, and we played a super hero board game :-). Trey, aka, “FLASH,” won the game….(he’s just too fast for me!)

The doctor informed me that one of Trey’s cultures revealed a fungal infection. This infection is most likely responsible for the lung issues. It is good to know what we are up against, and can now target this infection more aggressively!

The doctor also said that if we can get Trey down to regular oxygen, he can possibly spend a few days at home next week. This gives us a goal to work toward at least…

I personally have decided to stop watching the monitors attached to Trey’s body so closely. I find myself letting them dictate how I feel. Instead, MY HOPE IS IN THE LORD, who remains forever constant!!!

Please continue to pray that this fungal infection clears up, that our family can have some time together at home, and of course, for the miracle!!

“Some trust in horses, some trust in chariots, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God!!”

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