Under One Roof

We have had some good days together! Trey did get to come home on Friday and all 7 of us were under one roof for the first time since early April. It was awesome! I love being together and love watching Trey interact with his siblings. We are hoping Trey can stay fever/problem free, at least for the rest of the weekend. We are taking him back on Monday and look forward to seeing what his lab work reveals after being home for a few days.

Trey’s skin problems continue and we persist in prayer asking God to help remove the problems. Once again though, we are grateful Trey’s rash does not really bother him. He has had such a good time being home though and I so love that for him.

Any way, I will probably post again on Monday, but until then, I’m just going to enjoy time with the family. Please keep praying for Trey…we want to pray him all the way home for good.

Also, please keep praying for Toby, my nephew. Ben and Jeannie are trusting the Lord with their son, but he is in a very difficult situation. Toby may have many things going against him medically, but he is in the Lord’s hands totally. Keep lifting him up to the Lord. God has a plan.

Thanks for journeying with us and laboring with us in prayer. We love you!

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