Trey Update

I just got back to Dallas and Trey looks great. He’s eating again, laughing and just seems to feel better all the way around. Before I got here, his doctor called and told Emily that the percentage of abnormal cells has now gone from 3.5% to 0.03%! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! This continues to show that the Campath is working and we thank God for that. Trey’s tummy still looks good and as far as we know, his spleen has not grown any larger. We just thank God so much for all these things!

His main problem right now is his rash. It’s really bad. We are trying a strong cream that we hope will help. The biopsy revealed that the rash is consistent with the large granular lukemia, and the cream targets those cells specifically. So…it just goes to show that even though there is only 0.03% of the abnormal cells, they are still causing problems. These are very pesky and aggressive cells. Please pray this cream work miracles on the rash. If the rash continues to get worse, we will be forced to experiment with much more extreme treatments. We would love to avoid such measures. I would love it if Trey woke up tomorrow and the rash was totally gone. Please ask the Lord for this on Trey’s behalf.

As far as what’s next for Trey…we really don’t know. We are kind of in a “watch and wait” phase. If things keep improving, we will probably not have to take out his spleen. If things really keep improving, he may not need another transplant. However, our doctors feel that a third transplant is inevitable…it’s just a matter of when to do it. They are glad the abnormal cells are under control, but do not feel he will be able to grow good, healthy cells without another transplant. We will see!

We are praying for God’s will to be done in Trey’s life…and whatever happens, we will trust Him. If he needs another transplant, then so be it…if not, then so be it. Trey is totally in the Lord’s hands. We love you guys and really need and appreciate your prayers. Let pray that rash away! Join us…


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