Need Prayer

The doctor just came by and shared with a few important things with me:

1. He wants to continue on this strong cream to see if it works on Trey’s rash. He’s not sure it will, but is hopeful. If the rash does not show signs of improvement by Monday, they will have to put another central line in Trey and begin treating his blood directly. This rash is connected to the abnormal cells in his body and is a blood related skin problem. As a dermatologist friend put it, “It is a leukemic infiltrate – that is, the leukemic cells have infiltrated the skin and have presented small red spots, nodules, or purpuric/petechial nodules.” So…what we really need is for the Campath to begin attacking these cells. Now that there is 0.03% of abnormal cells in the blood, we are hoping the Campath will begin targeting these cells on the skin and controlling them too.

Please pray about this. The last thing Trey needs is another surgery having a second broviac central line placed. Please pray this rash shows incredible signs of improvement by Monday! The rash is also beginning to itch Trey now, so it’s more bothersome than it has been. He’s very annoyed by this. We appreciate your prayers.

2. Our doctor also told us that several potential matches have already popped up for Trey. The potential donors will have to be further tested of course, but Dr. Goldman now feels we will have no problem finding a perfect 10/10 match. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

All in all, Trey is doing well. We are stopping the nutrition in his line today…which means they feel he is eating enough to no longer need the TPN. We are grateful for this…it’s all progress and it’s good.

I am still praying that somehow the good cells that are in Trey’s body will miraculously recover and start growing. This would amaze our doctors. However, that might not be God’s plan for Trey…so whatever comes next, we rejoice and trust the Lord is holding and lifting His child.

We love you and so appreciate your daily prayers! Keep crying out!

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