Update on Trey and Toby

Good morning! Let me quick you a couple of updates:

1. Trey continues to feel good. His numbers/blood counts are looking good as well. We are so grateful for all of that. His rash however is significantly worse. It seems to get worse after he receives Campath. His rash has spread and is very pronounced. We need answers for how to treat this. Our doctors have had a specialist look at it and they are formulating a plan…a plan that needs to be implemented ASAP! Please pray they can figure something out and begin some kind of treatment today. We are very grateful the rash does not hurt Trey. He starting to scratch it more and we can tell he is noticing it more as well…so we just need it resolved.

2. Here is an update from Ben and Jeannie about Toby:
The surgery getting Toby on the ECMO machine went smoothly. The ECMO basically serves as an artificial lung and does all the work for Toby, and right now, the ECMO is doing its job. We are just going to be waiting and praying that his body will heal from what was effectively respiratory failure. We are praying his lungs will heal and clear up now that they can rest. We still hope we can identify a cause so more specific treatment can be attempted.

As you can tell, we still have much going on and much that we need prayer for. Many days it feels like one step forward, ten steps back…but we are all trusting that the Lord is directing our steps whichever way they go. Thank you for your constant prayers. They are felt and so needed.


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