This time last year!

This time last year our church was in the middle of the biggest crusade in its history. On the Wednesday morning of See You at the Pole, lots and lots of students surrounded every flag pole in Newcastle. In fact, we had see you at the pole every morning of the crusade. We had students meeting and praying every morning of the week. It was truly amazing.

On the final night of the crusade, we had around 1,200 in attendance and saw well over 100 people saved, with nearly 200 saved for the week! Needless to say, it was an awesome time…a time I will never forget.

However, on the last night of the Crusade, Emily remembers Trey being unusually tired, so he laid his head in her lap during the sermon time. She also remembers him feeling a little warm. It was just a couple of days after the crusade that Trey began to get sick…and it was the next week that he would first be admitted into the hospital. It is hard to believe it all began right around this time last year…I still just cannot believe Trey is gone.

I keep thinking the pain is going to get better every day…but the truth is, it seems harder…especially since everything all began right around this time last year. Keep praying for us. I begin preaching again this Sunday at FBC Newcastle. It will be strange looking out from the pulpit and seeing my family…but not seeing Trey. I still envision him sitting in the pew next to Emily playing with an action figure or two trying to listen to my sermon. Who knows…I may preach with a Superman action figure on the pulpit this Sunday.

Truly, I am eager to see my church family…but the day will be emotionally challenging I’m sure. I do plan to share what God has been teaching us over the past few weeks, as well as where I plan to take our church over the next few months.This Sunday will also mark 1 month…4 weeks…that my precious son has been with the Lord. I cannot believe it has already been 1 month.

Feel free to join us at FBC Newcastle this Sunday. I will need as much as support as possible. Thank you for praying for our family and for supporting us in such wonderful ways. We love you!

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