Beautiful Post from my wife!

From Emily…my wife and Trey’s wonderful mother:

3 weeks have passed since Trey left his earthly body behind. He needed to leave it behind bc it was worn out in every way possible. And now as he “mounts up on wings as eagles, runs without growing weary, walks and does not faint,” I only wish I could watch him go!!! 3 weeks… and I find that my heart is just as broken and the weight of loss is just as heavy…

This is how it feels to lose a child…the pain at times threatens to suffocate me…yet I continue to breath… Whether I want to or not. My heart has been ripped from my body…yet I must somehow go on. And amidst all these overwhelming feelings at war within me, there is a RENEWED FOCUS.

Over the past year of suffering, God has slowly shifted my focus..until it reached a sudden climax 3 weeks ago. It was so sudden, that it knocked the wind completely out of me and I’m still learning to recover….

This shift was a shift in focus from the temporary to the eternal…a shift from things that do not last to things that last forever…a shift from things that matter to me to things that matter to God.
My precious 7 yr old has stepped into eternity! He has stepped into forever! Just thinking about that is staggering for the human mind. Yet, it will happen to all of us (Hebrews 9:27). We will all step into eternity at some point. And it could very well be TODAY. That makes TODAY the most important of your life. TODAY is the day for eternal perspective. TODAY is the day your eternity could be decided!! (There r only 2 options-Luke 16:19-31) From the bottom of my heart, please make sure your eternity is secure in Jesus Christ! TODAY!!

I love you Trey! Can’t wait to spend my eternity with you!!!

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