A Colorado Memory

Last summer (2012), as always, we went with Emily’s family to the mountains of Colorado. Emily’s grandfather has a ranch where we like to stream fish. All my boys wanted to go, but I only wanted to take the older boys because it is hard to have little ones on the ranch. Emily insisted that I take all three boys, so me and my boys; Emily’s dad; my brother in law Ben, and his daughter Haley; and my other brother in laws, Matt and Dan all headed off to fish.

When we got there, it was cool and overcast…and muddy. So, my boys got messy very quick. I sent Caleb with Matt; Clayton went with his grandpa Larry, and Trey went with me. We started fishing up and down the stream. Trey and I caught one fish together…he loved that…we had lots of other nibbles, but no more catches.

So…we were walking along the stream and all of a sudden, it started raining…and not just raining, but hailing. Trey and I ran into some bushes to take cover, but the hail was still hitting us. Trey was not liking that…so, I put Trey under me as I hunched over him. As I covered him and let the hail hit my back, I felt so good knowing I was protecting my son. He felt nothing!

Once the hail was over, we headed back to the car…Trey was done! :-) So, we changed his clothes, I got his lunch ready for him, and he played with his figures in the car until everyone else returned.

I’m so glad Emily made me take him that day. As I reflect on that and think about the brief protection I provided for him, I’m now rejoice in the eternal protection God is providing for him. Trey truly is hiding under the shadow of God’s wings. Thank you Jesus for loving and protecting my son…and for saving his life and healing him eternally.

I miss him still so much though…things just aren’t the same. I love you Trey…ALWAYS!

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