Trey’s legacy will continue!

So far we are having as good of a time as possible in the beauty of God’s creation. Emily and I do not really have bad days, as a whole, just difficult moments throughout each day. It is still very unreal to us that our son is not here. I keep thinking I need to call and check on him; order food for him; tuck him in; pack his stuff; and on and on. I still feel he is very much with us. It’s an incredibly surreal feeling.

However, I’ve been immersing myself in a study of heaven and plan to begin preaching at the end of this month on the glories and realities of heaven. I will be putting our current study of Ephesians on hold and hopefully encouraging myself and our church as I preach about the new heavens and new earth that are to come. I will also be answering questions about eternity in this study…questions I have had myself.

Our kids are holding up okay as well. They are journaling everyday and writing down memories of Trey and how Trey’s legacy will live on through them. I put a picture of them at the bottom of this post. I’m so proud of them and how they are each handling this incredibly difficult time.

Emily is hanging in there as well. I see her getting stronger every day…but she, like me, has difficult moments each day. All it takes is one memory or thought of Trey to stir our emotions…but by the grace of God, we are holding each other up and making it each day so far. As I have posted before, the Puritan Proverb that speaks to us is: “Life is a little less sweet; death is a little less bitter; and heaven is a little more real.” We are experiencing the reality of that proverb every moment of every day.

Please keep us in your prayers. Also, feel free to send us messages as to how Trey’s life has impacted yours. We get messages daily and could never reply to them all…but each one blesses us, so keep them coming.

I think God for my son’s life. God used my 7 year old to CHANGE everything about my life. I would give anything to have him back and hold him again, but his life served an incredible purpose and now ALL THINGS have been made clear to him. Oh how I long to see what he sees.

I love you Trey and your life will live on through me. You remain the greatest influence in my life. Thank you for the way your trusted God and endured so faithfully. Thank you for finishing well. I only pray I can be as faithful as you. I love you buddy! You will forever be my hero!


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