Believing until his final breath!

Trey’s lab work came back and his white blood cell count came down from 8,000 to 2,000, and his lymphocyte count came down from 85 to 4. These are both very good things. It shows us that the Campath did have some positive effect…which was a welcomed sight.

The Campath did make his skin a little more red, which is frustrating, but we are continuing with photopheresis today and tomorrow and will see if this process somehow helps. We are praying it doesn’t enflame his skin more. Trey is scheduled to receive more Campath on Friday.

After yesterday’s very difficult decisions and conversations, Emily and are feeling like we made the right decisions and are now waiting to see what comes from the medicines and treatments. We are just grateful Trey is still with us. We are savoring every moment with him and will believe until his final breath that our God is fully able to heal.

Please continue praying. I believe God is hearing the cries of His people and showing tremendous, undeserved mercy to us. I’ll will update again if something changes. Thanks, more than we can say, for praying with us.

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