Trey Update

Well…Trey pretty much sailed through the Campath. He is almost done. He did have a very mild reaction, which was what we wanted. The real test will be to see what the blood work reveals tomorrow. If his white blood cell count and lymphocyte counts are high, we will know the Campath had little impact…if they are lower, we will know it at least worked a little. We will also see what this does to his skin…which we hope helps.

If the blood work reveals no impact, it will either be because the bad cells have figured out the Campath and are resistant to it, or we didn’t give enough Campath this time. We gave a VERY small amount today since Trey has not it in over a month. So, we will just have to wait and see what happens through the night and tomorrow.

Emily and I were on our knees the entire time just praying that the Campath would work wonders this time…and that healing was flowing through Trey’s body. We will update more tomorrow once we get the blood work back and see the doctor.

I am overwhelmed by how many people are praying with us in this journey. I simply cannot say thank you enough. Today was a very emotional day, but the Lord has been here with us in a powerful way. The next few days will be of utmost importance in Trey’s life. God is holding him and has a plan…I still believe his best days are ahead of him.

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