Trey is in PICU

Trey has had some issues lately. When we brought him back to Dallas on Thursday, he began having fever and lots of stomach issues. Yesterday, he really started battling some oxygen and lung issues. Last night, he was really struggling, especially when he would take his oxygen mask off…he was dropping in saturation very quickly. As a precaution and to avoid an emergency type situation, our doctor had him moved to the PICU.

Trey has some fluid in his lungs. We don’t know why this has developed. It could be due to an infection, it could be a result of some of the meds he’s been on, it could be that the bad cells have found their way into his lungs, or it could be something else. We just don’t know. Right now, our doctors are working hard to keep the lungs open and get the fluid out. Trey is getting numerous breathing treatments and receiving lots of meds to help. It is critical that we get this under control. His body could not handle a major infection right now.

I will say this though, if the bad cells, which we know have increased, have found their way into Trey’s lungs, we will be facing a very difficult situation. Treatment options will be very limited. All I know to do is to ask the Lord for mercy and extended grace. We are very desperate for His help right now and have truly begun praying for Him to act quickly. These next couple of days will be very important for Trey.

I know we ask a lot, but please rally prayer for Trey from whomever you can. We’ve never been more in need. Thank you.

One thought on “Trey is in PICU

  1. Charlene brown says:

    Just read your post. Please know that I/we will pray fervently for Trey, your family and the doctors treating him.

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