Taking Trey’s Place

It’s amazing when I think about what I would do to make Trey well. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do to help him or take his place. In a heartbeat I would lay down my life if it meant he could take up his! Oh how I love him so…

But as I thought about that today, I was quickly preminded how much more God loves Trey than I do…which is hard to imagine…but He does! In fact, He loved Trey so much, He did come down and He did take his place. Jesus died in Trey’s place on the Cross and by His stripes, Trey is healed. As Tim Keller has said, “Jesus hates suffering, injustice, evil, and death so much…He came and experienced it Himself to defeat it, and to someday wipe the world clean of it.”

Jesus has already done the greatest miracle of all in Trey’s life…He has saved his soul! It’s very easy to lose sight of that miracle in the midst of wanting him also healed on this earth. I’m just grateful to God…so incredibly grateful that He did take Trey’s place…that He does love Trey more than me…and that He is working in Trey and holding him close to His heart.

So…in tears, Lord, I say thank you! Thank you for that phone call I got in the middle of the night in January where Trey said, “Dad, I’m a Christian now.” Thank you that You’re not finished with Trey yet. Thank you that all of this is in Your hands. Thank you for taking Trey’s place. Thank you Jesus! Help us not to lose sight of the greater things…the eternal things that You have done. We love You Lord!”

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