Update on Trey

Well, it’s been a little while since we updated everyone on Trey…so, here we go:

Trey was able to stay home for 5 days. It was a great time. He got to see a few friends, see some movies, and just enjoy being home. He really did pretty well. He had some occasional nausea and stomach issues, but no fever or severe pain. We were grateful for that. On Wednesday, Trey threw up a few times and felt a little puny, but was still doing pretty good. He also had a low grade temp.

As scheduled, Emily took Trey back to Dallas yesterday (Thursday) and things just got a little worse with him throughout the day. He started running a fever, was having more stomach pain, along with having diarrhea and throwing up. Not what we wanted to see him do, but it happened nonetheless.

Again, as planned, Trey was admitted to the hospital and received his photopheresis treatment yesterday. He handled that pretty well, but really had a rough night with more diarrhea and vomiting.

The doctor thinks Trey has an infection and they have begun running cultures and starting antibiotics. They also did another flow cytometry test yesterday and we should know the results by Monday. That will tell us, once again, where we are with the abnormal cells in his body. We are praying for 20% or less again.

I would add this and this is VERY important. Although Trey’s skin is better in certain areas, it is also worse in other places. His face, arms and legs are not better and he is very red. None of our doctors want to proceed with the next transplant until this is under control…they just feel it would not be good for Trey to move forward with such a big problem in his skin.

They have also been clear that they are running out of “bullets” to use to help fight this disease…which means, we REALLY need the current treatment to work. Our doctor used the word “miracle” this morning, which he said might be needed for Trey’s skin to totally clear up. It’s a good thing we serve a God who specializes in miracles…and we are asking Him daily for one :-).

We are also really praying for the current treatment to begin working. We feel it has worked to some degree, and even if it takes a while to work…we just need it to KEEP working. What we cannot afford to happen is for the medicine to stop working. If this current regiment somehow starts to fail, I’m just not sure where what we will do next.

Please keep praying about all this. We have had some really good days with Trey, but just can’t seem to get over this huge hurdle with his skin. We are asking in desperation for the Lord to touch Trey’s skin. Please join us in asking the Lord for this.

I’ll update more tomorrow or Sunday as we have more information. Right now, Trey won’t be coming back home until his infection clears. So, please pray this gets resolved as well.

Thank you.

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