Back to the Hospital

Well, Trey was able to be home for 3 nights…it was fantastic! He did really well. He got to see some friends, play with his siblings, see two movies, see some fireworks, and just relax. I was so happy for him. I love to just watch him being a kid. I have almost forgotten what that is like for him, but to see joy on his face…it really is priceless.

We left early for the hospital this morning and got here around 10am. Once we got here, it was a whirlwind. He had to go to his regular doctor’s office first, then be admitted to his regular room, and then get ready for the photopheresis treatment (which is an extensive process). I did bring Clayton, one of his older brothers back with us, which gives him someone to play with. Trey will like that.

Any way, I’m not sure what the new normal will look like for Trey, or when the next transplant will be. His skin is a little better, but no where near being cleared up yet. We REALLY need some drastic improvement with his skin situation. His platelets also continue to struggle. When he gets a platelet transfusion, they shoot up significantly, but after a few days, they go back down. We need his platelets to stabilize on their own. Please pray about that. We are just waiting for Trey’s skin situation to stabilize, and the percentage of abnormal cells to go back down, so we can move to the next transplant. We, of course, are assuming those things WILL happen and are asking/trusting the Lord to help.

So, if we could ask you to pray for anything, it would be three things:
1. The percentage of abnormal cells to go lower;
2. For his platelets to stabilize and keep producing on their own; and
3. For his skin condition to continue to heal!

Thanks for praying with us. We love you.

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