Hospital Break

As you know, things are always changing quickly with Trey and this weekend was no exception. On Saturday, I just mentioned to the doctor that it would be nice to give Trey a little hospital break at some point. We, of course, only wanted to do it if Trey was healthy enough and would not be jeopardized any further. The doctor said it was a good possibility because Trey’s numbers have been holding steady.

The next morning, our doctor came in and told Emily that he though Trey could go home and stay home until Wednesday. Well, I was back in Newcastle handling my Sunday responsibilities, so our friend, Shawna, just dropped everything and left for Dallas immediately to pick them up. We are so blessed to have friends like this. Trey was discharged around 4pm and home by about 7:30pm last night…and for the first time in many months, we were all under one roof again. Just plain awesome!

We are praying for a good three days for Trey. We just want him to relax and have fun. I sat next to my wife in our living room last night and just smiled watching Trey enjoying being home. Truly…there is no greater feeling! We praise the Lord for this extra measure of God’s grace!

Things happened so fast yesterday and I was so busy with all my Sunday stuff that I just didn’t have time to post anything. Any way, please pray that Trey can heal even more at home these few days, have no surprises, and shock the doctors with how well he looks when he goes back on Monday! Oh Lord, may it be!

Love everyone and thanks for praying!

One thought on “Hospital Break

  1. yancey simmons says:

    We was at wild week with ken last week and our youth group prayed 4 trey all week and will keep on praying until he is well may Godbless ya’lls time at home

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