Small Surgery today

Trey is having a small surgery today. He had a double lumen broviac (central line) placed in his chest back in November. This is the way Trey gets meds, draws labs, gets treatments, etc. His current line has done a great job, but is wearing out, plus he continues to get small infections in this line. It is also a little small for photopheresis, and causes problems when he receives that kind of treatment. So…we are taking his current line out today, putting in a temporary pic line, and then on Monday, he will receive a bigger and better central line. Waiting until Monday to put the new line will also give Trey time to heal from the infection he has with his current line.

This is a relatively simple procedure, but we would still appreciate your prayers. His surgery is around 11 and shouldn’t take more than an hour or so. Also, keep praying his skin heals. It looks a touch better each day, but still has a long way to go. Thanks for praying for us. I’ll update again tonight.

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