Trey Update

I know it’s been a little while since we updated on Trey, but there hasn’t been much to update…which is a good thing. Emily has been with him for the past few days and says he continues to steadily improve. He currently is healing up from the surgery nicely; is requiring less and less pain medication; is having no fevers currently; his skin is also improving slowly; his appetite is increasing a little; and his overall blood counts continue to look pretty good.

Trey received the romidepsin medicine again last Sunday and will resume with the photopheresis treatment tomorrow and Friday. We are hoping the abnormal cells will stay suppressed and that his skin condition will continue to improve with the new drug and photopheresis treatment. Please keep praying about these things. We hope to move to the next transplant sometime this month.

Thank you for your continued prayers. We just cannot tell you how appreciative we are. Keep praying Trey all the way home…that day will come soon. I’ll update more when I am with Trey on Thursday.

We love you!

Jeremy and Emily

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