Game time

Even though the removal of the spleen is generally a relatively simple process, for Trey it’s a touch more complicated. The two big concerns for Trey are bleeding and infection. Trey’s platelets are low, but he will have received three platelet infusions over the last two days by tomorrow morning. We hope that helps with any unwanted bleeding. He is also highly immune compromised, thus leaving him more open to infection. Our doctors have done everything they can to get his body ready for this by giving certain antibiotics and other medicines, but Trey will still be immune compromised more than we want when it comes time for the surgery. We are praying he is protected by the Lord from any infection. Join us in this prayer.

The hope behind this surgery is that Trey’s tummy pain will be relieved and that with the removal of the spleen the rest of the abnormal cells we haven’t been able to get to, can be destroyed. We also hope this helps give room for good cells to grow. The removal of the spleen will not do away with the large granular lukemia (LGL), but we hope it helps Trey move to the next transplant as healthy, and as quickly as possible.

This, however, is where we rest in the Lord. We’ve done all we can, as have our doctors, and we leave the details and results in God’s hands. This is totally out of our control and Trey is in the best place possible…in the hands and arms of our mighty God. We know God is holding Trey and we know that in all things, our God is in control. I probably won’t post again until after everything is done tomorrow, which we hope will be around 1-2pm. We know you are praying with us and we are grateful. We’ve had so many texts and messages from people today letting us know they are with us…and it has been very encouraging to our heart. Keep them coming…especially Scriptures of encouragement. We need it!

We love you and are resting tonight and tomorrow in a sovereign and loving God who has ALL things in His hands…which of course includes our precious son.

Trey, we love you! You are a God’s and He is holding you. Your mom and dad will be with you every step of the way too. We are all in this together and our God has a tremendous plan for all of us in this. We love you more than you will ever know Trey, but not anywhere close to how much your Lord and Savior, Jesus, loves you! Hold on Him Trey in all things…He is the only one worth living for. I love you son!


One thought on “Game time

  1. Linda Gall says:

    We heard about you, Trey, on Sunday when your granddad spoke at CBC. You sound like a strong, awesome child. Our prayers are with all of you and will continue to be with you. I have passed this information on to my prayer chain with the knowledge that they will all lift you up in prayer. They are strong prayer warriers! May God’s love surround you and guide the surgeon’s hands.
    Linda & Roy

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