Not the news we wanted, but our hope is in the Lord!

Update from Emily:

Jesus Christ is the SAME yesterday, today, and forever!!!! He is in control when we get good news, and he is in control when the news is not so good. Today the flow test revealed that The bad cells have gone up to about 20%. ( they were previously 0.01%). This is not what we hoped to hear.

Our doctors are also leaning once again toward removing Trey’s spleen, and are consulting with the surgeon to see if it can be done laparoscopically.
Today from 2:00 to 6:00 trey will receive the new drug Romidepsin. Please join us in praying that this drug is the answer… That it will not only go after the skin, but also everywhere else in treys body that is affected!!!
We do know WHO goes before us, and He continues to renew us each day. Thank you for your love and prayers!!

2 thoughts on “Not the news we wanted, but our hope is in the Lord!

  1. Lou Fox says:

    Continuing to pray for that brave little guy…and his amazing family.

  2. Patti Pitcock says:

    Love to the Freeman family as they travel these uncharted waters with Our Lord. Isn’t it a great thing that God is such a wonderful navigator!!! He holds the map as we row with his direction….

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