New Treatment for Trey

The doctors have decided to stop Campath and try a new drug called Romidepsin. This drug is a relatively new drug, but has recently been successful in treating relapsed cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma. It should target the skin more and hopefully keep the abnormal cells controlled in the blood. Trey’s ultrasound showed a little more enlargement of the spleen (14.7 to 15.6cm), which might be to blame for his tummy trouble. We are waiting on the results from the flow cytometry test to tell us if the cells are growing in the blood too. We pray not.

Trey’s new treatment will begin tomorrow. One of our biggest prayers has always been wisdom and new insights for our doctors. This new drug looks promising, and we are hopeful it will work. Trey’s transplant is still tentatively set for July, depending on his skin of course. Please pray that God uses this new drug to work wonders in Trey’s body…with no side effects. Thank you!

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