15 Reasons to Attend Easter at First Baptist Church of Newcastle

1. You will hear the Word of God preached verse by verse! No games, no half-truths, no gimmicks…just the truth!

2. You will see a church that is centered on the Gospel. We often say that the Gospel is what drives and unites us, and that will be evident when you visit. We never tire talking about who Jesus is and what He has done!

3. You will be challenged! There will be a call to action. Life is too short to sit in the stands. You will be called to get in the game and come make an eternal difference with us!

4. You will be welcomed! Not only will you be greeted at the door, but you will receive a nice gift with important information about the church!

5. You will be and feel safe! FBCN has an incredibly gifted security team. From the parking lot, to our state of the art check-in system for your children, you and your family will be safe!

6. You will be ushered into the presence of God through biblical, excellent, and moving music. You won’t get a concert or smoke and lights, but rather a meaningful time of worship of the one true God!

7. You will meet some of the most incredible people on the planet! The members of FBCN are amazing people: humble, gracious, passionate, servant-hearted, focused, loving, and so much more! You will enjoy the people you meet.

8. You will leave longing for more and be eager to come back! FBCN is not a “one and done” kind of church. You will experience God and want to come back again and again! We are not a hipster church that seeks to entertain. We are a biblical church that seeks to truly hear from God and connect with Him! You will want to come back to FBCN for the right reasons

9. You will see that we are a multi-generational church! FBCN has lots of children, youth, and adults of all ages! From little babies to senior adults, our church has a place for everyone.

10. You will meet the best church staff on the planet! Our ministry team loves Jesus and loves people. They work tirelessly for the Lord and you will love those God has called to lead out at FBCN!

11. You will see just how much is happening at FBCN every single week. Ministries and activities for all ages, as well as mission projects all over the world, are going on year-round at FBCN.

12. You will see a unified church that truly loves the Lord and one other! FBCN is family. We do not believe the church is a building, but rather a people, and we love being together.

13. You will see a church that is alive! In a day and age when so many churches are dead, you won’t find that at FBCN! From the moment you step foot on our campus, you will see life!

14. You will discover that FBCN is just a bunch of sinners saved by grace! Yes we have a lot of great things going on, but that’s only because we recognize who we are apart from Jesus and how much we need Him! If you’re imperfect, then you will fit in great at FBCN. We are just a bunch of imperfect people serving the one true perfect God!

15. You will see a church that has a vision to change the world! FBCN is not interested in wasting time or doing things we are capable of doing in our own strength. We walk by faith and believe that our sovereign God can absolutely change the world through His people. If you want to change the world, come help us do it one life at a time! As we often say, “True disciples make other disciples!”

We hope you will join us this Easter!

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