Having a Passion for What Matters Most

I am a very passionate person. I put my entire heart into most everything I do. I believe that you either need to be “all in,” or “all out” in life, but never anywhere in between. We need to take the life God has given to us, and live it with passion.

What is passion? The Random House College Dictionary defines it as having a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for something. Passion is also something that energizes you to the point that simply doing it is your reward. As my friend says, “Passion is what gets you out of bed in the morning. It is what drives and motivates you.”  The question is, “Do you have passion, or what are you passionate about?”

It is important to determine the things in life we should be most passionate about. If you have read my blog at all, you would know that I am most about passionate about living for eternal things and living life with an eternal perspective. There is nothing that should motivate or drive a Christian more than eternal things.  For the Christian, life is not about “living it up,” but rather about “storing it up.”  Christians are living in this life with their mind set on the life to come.  We are to be passionate about eternal things because those are the things that last forever.  My all-time favorite Scripture is 2 Corinthians 4:18 which says, “So we fix our eyes, not on what we can see, but on what we cannot see; for what is seen is temporary and what is unseen is eternal.” A Christian’s passion and focus needs to be on eternal things.

In the world in which we live, it is very easy to be passionate about things that have no eternal consequence. For example, football season is in full force and is a great example. For many, there will be more passion expressed about a football game on Saturday, than the things of the Lord on Sunday. Likewise, hunting season is here and is another example. Again, for many, great passion, energy, resources, and time will be given to hunting and killing an animal, than to telling someone about Christ, helping someone in need, or being a part of God’s Kingdom work. I could give many more examples, but the reality is, many people in this world give their time and energy to things that do not matter. Again, most people are seeking to “live it up,” rather than “store it up.”

I am not saying we cannot enjoy the things of this world to some degree, but they cannot be the focus of our lives. We should not be more passionate about trivial temporal things than we are the Lord. 1 Timothy 6:7 says, “We brought nothing into this world, and we cannot take anything out of the world.” In other words, there will be no U-Hauls attached to your hearse. As someone has said, “He who dies with the most toys, still dies.”

This is why you must live with an eternal perspective. Yes, you cannot take anything from this world with you when you die, but you can make an eternal investment by living your life for the right things on earth. I love this quote from a man named Randy Alcorn. He says, “May my perspective today be the perspective I will have one minute after I die.” That is how we need to live because it is God we will stand before one day. Eternal things should inspire, motivate, and create passion in us. Today, live with passion for what matters most. Do not live it up, instead, store it up!

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