God’s Not Dead

I saw the movie God’s Not Dead today. I enjoyed it. It got me thinking though about why people might believe there is no God. I wonder how many people have come to the conclusion that there is no God because of something traumatic or difficult that has happened in their life, or due to some injustice or something they thought was unfair…or even an “unanswered prayer.” Probably the most powerful line in the movie is when the college student says to his professor, “How can you be angry at a God who you believe does not exist?” I wonder if that reality is actually more present than what is realized behind an atheist’s beliefs. If would be interesting to know for sure.

It would also be interesting to see how many atheists came to their conclusion that their is no God solely from reason and research, verses those who came to that conclusion out of frustration with evil in this world or due to something difficult they experienced that caused them to think, “If there is a God, there’s no way He would allow this.”

I think evil and suffering are two of the hardest things for many people to reconcile. They think, “How can God be loving and _________________?” That blank has obviously been filled in with a lot of things. Tomorrow night at 6pm, I will be addressing this in my Sunday evening sermon. Things like, “Why does suffering exists and how does God use it?” I am very much looking forward to this study.

I will say this though…if someone believes this world is all that there is and that when a person dies, that is it…there’s nothing else beyond that…what a depressing and pointless reality. Only believing in a sovereign God who is in complete control of all things gives your life real hope and meaning. Every time I see death, disease, suffering, injustice, etc…it always reminds me of few things. And what are those things? It reminds me this world is not all that there is…it reminds me this world is not my home…and it reminds me that one day, my Lord and Savior, King Jesus, will make ALL THINGS NEW!!!

Even so…come Lord Jesus!

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