A prayer on Trey’s spiritual birthday

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for saving Trey on this day 1 year ago. Thank you that in the midst of his darkness, You shined a light so bright that overwhelmed his suffering and pain and caused him to see his need for You and call out to You as Lord and Savior and BOSS!

As our family remembers and celebrates Trey’s salvation today, we ask that You bring continued comfort and peace to our hearts as we focus on eternity. It truly is an amazing thing to picture Trey with You, Lord Jesus, in heaven.

I know Trey has no needs in heaven, but I still ask You to love on him for us…let him know he is a hero to many and that his family continues to carry on his legacy. I know in Your presence is fullness of joy and Trey lacks nothing..,and that causes our hearts to rejoice.

Thank you Lord for Your goodness and grace to us. Thank you for being faithful and loving us no matter what. Thank you for carrying us when we can’t walk and breathing for us when we can’t breath. Thank you for all You have done and are doing. We love You!

We long for Your return and eagerly expect and await it. We pray today could be the day You come again and make all things right. We love You Jesus!

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