A series of firsts…

Well, a series of more firsts without Trey are rapidly approaching. This is a special time of the year, one our family loves…one Trey loved. Trey wanted one more big snow last year that he could play in…he never got that…so when the first snow comes, it will be in his honor :-). I remember Thanksgiving last year…Emily’s sister was pregnant with Toby; Emily’s mom, Cynthia, was still with us, and Trey was able to be home. We had a very blessed Thanksgiving. I remember one night our family was all sitting around just sharing all the things we were thankful for. It was a special night. We were all under one roof and it was just such a sweet time. My how things have changed…Toby, Cynthia, and Trey will celebrate Thanksgiving around the throne of God this year. How awesome is that???

But, for us here, I’m reminded that the same God who was with us then, will be with us this Thanksgiving, and He will see us through. I’m personally praying for a very special Thanksgiving with my family. Each of my children, Emily and I included, are writing letters about what Trey meant to us and we plan to read them aloud to each other on Thanksgiving day. Pray this will be a special and meaningful time of reflection and celebration. Each one of my kids have grieved and still grieve in their own way, but I’m so proud of them. They are HEROS to Emily and I! I could never ask for better kids who have had to already endure way more than I ever even dreamed about as a kid. Their lives have been much harder than mine ever was, and each of them is and will continue to rise up. God is sustaining us all…day by day…moment by moment…breath by breath. Our faith is deeper, our love is stronger, and our hope is greater. God continues to prove Himself 100% faithful!!!

We are hurting this holiday season, but we have MUCH to be thankful more. We will not complain…we will rejoice! We will not despair…we will hope! We will not give up…we will rise with the power of Jesus Christ in our lives. In every tear, there will be hope and joy and with every memory of Trey, we will remember that we serve a God who will one day MAKE ALL THINGS NEW!!!

Amen and amen!!!

We love you Jesus!

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