On the eve of 2 months…

Tomorrow at Noon will mark 2 months since our precious son Trey went to be with Jesus. At noon, we will stop and pray and do our best to keep setting our minds on eternity.

I go to bed thinking about Trey, often wake up in the night thinking about him, and wake up with my first thoughts being of him too. It seems he stays on my mind at all times. We’ve had some really good days the past couple of months and some not so great ones too. Our kids have done well, but it’s extremely hard seeing them struggle when they do. They all miss their brother very much.

There is a sense of dread we feel with all the holidays approaching, but know we have to endure. I usually absolutely love this time of the year, but really want it to pass quickly now. Trey loved dressing up for Halloween…he was at home for a special Thanksgiving last year, and was able to celebrate Christmas early with us before we had to take him to Dallas to get ready for his transplant last year. So…these coming months will be challenge.

The good news is…God is with us! He has not forgotten us and will not forsake us. So…we don’t walk alone! I’m grateful to be with Emily in Boston for a couple of days and looking forward to preaching on heaven again this Sunday. Since I have no joy on my own, I’m really asking for the “joy of the Lord to be my strength.”

We love you friends and family and are grateful for you journeying with us. Today…each breath…gets us one step and moment closer to eternity with our Savior.

Even so…come Lord Jesus!!!

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