Trey is rejoicing in heaven!

We had our disciple now weekend for our youth at our church this weekend. My father, Ken Freeman, preached for the weekend. We saw a number of great things happen, but this morning, my dad preached for our whole church and we had several saved…mostly adults. Tonight, we baptized 13 new believers. It was wonderful!!!

I kept thinking that Trey was rejoicing in heaven each time a person gave their heart to Christ. But one story blessed me in particular. Back in May, we had a bone marrow drive at our church for Trey. We were trying to find a match for Trey. A man, with no connection to our church, heard about the drive and came to see if he was a match. After he came to the drive, he decided to start visiting our church. He found out we had a Faithriders Sunday School class, so he started coming to that class. This morning, when my dad gave an invitation to respond to the Gospel, this man came forward and gave his life to Christ…and tonight, I baptized him.

So…the man came because of Trey, he came to Christ through the Gospel preaching of my father, and I got to baptize him. INCREDIBLE!!! Trey’s life continues to matter eternally.

Of course, I wish all this could have happened and Trey still be here, but that obviously wasn’t God’s plan. It’s awesome to see how God is using Trey…but we still miss him terribly. But today, God clearly used the life of my son to call this man to Himself and to save his soul. That is just awesome!

We love you Trey and can’t wait to celebrate all these things with you! I love you buddy. You are my hero forever!!!

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