I love you Trey!

Hi Trey! I bet you’re having a great time in heaven with Jesus! Your mom and I sure miss you. Your brothers and sisters miss you too. I was watching some old videos tonight and you sure brought us so much joy. It’s truly amazing how much joy you brought us. We miss EVERYTHING about you. You have the best smile and cutest dimple I’ve ever seen. I miss holding your hand and having you sit in my lap. I miss playing catch with you, hearing you sing, watching you color, hearing you pray, and on and on. You also gave the best hugs and are the best snuggler ever. I can’t wait to see and experience those things with you again. Thank you for being such a great son. You’re everything I could have ever wanted. I love you buddy! You will FOREVER be my hero. Thanks for making me want to be a better Christian, husband and father. You changed my life in so many ways buddy. I love you so much.

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