A New Day…

Today is a new day and the Lord’s mercies have met my pain and have brought forth a renewed joy and focus. The feeling of loss is still great and thoughts of Trey are continual and still stir my emotions, but my joy and focus today are being renewed. Thanks be unto God for this.

I am beginning to read through Philippians…sometimes referred to as the Epistle of Joy. Paul wrote this letter while in prison, but his joy was never lacking. I am hoping that studying through this book of the Bible will continue to build my joy.

My plan is also to begin preaching through this letter beginning this Sunday night. So, if you’re in need of some encouragement, come join us. I also plan to begin preaching on heaven on Sunday mornings two weeks from this Sunday, and I am very much looking forward to that study. I pray God lifts our hearts and minds tremendously through this study. So…this Sunday night, I will begin preaching through Philippians and on Sunday morning, October 20th, I will begin preaching on heaven.

You might be wondering why the delay to start my series on heaven. We already had some things planned on Sundays mornings many months ago, and we didn’t want to change what we had planned. This Sunday morning we have a guest preacher as we honor our precious senior adults, and next Sunday morning, my father will be preaching for the conclusion of our youth disciple now weekend. I am looking forward to hearing these two great preachers and will also enjoy a couple of more weeks to really get prepared for the launch of the heaven series.

Any way, if you can join us at FBC Newcastle, we’d love to have you. If you can’t, you can always listen online if you want at http://www.fbcnewcastle.com.

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