Trey’s Voice

One of the things I miss most about Trey is his voice. Thankfully I have three voicemails he left me on my cell phone that I listen to almost daily…I never want to forget his sweet little raspy voice.

As I listened to his voicemails this morning, I was reminded how much I need to hear from God every day…how I need to hear His voice. I’d give anything to hear Trey’s again, but I can still hear the Lord’s every day.

I’m attempting, beginning today, to get up early and really start each day right. My plan is to exercise, spend time with the Lord, have our morning family devotion and take the kids to school. I need this routine…I need to stay in shape physically and spiritually.

Oh how I miss Trey! I feel like I’m dying daily on the inside…and if I don’t get into this healthy routine, I will absolutely be of no good to anyone. Oh Lord, I’m committing to a new way…please give me strength to make it through somehow. I love you oh Lord my strength!

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