Trey’s Homegoing Celebration link

We have had so many people ask us if we could put Trey’s Homegoing celebration service online…so we decided to do it. We haven’t even watched the service yet ourselves, but know that if even one life is changed from viewing the service, it is worth posting it.

At the service around 50 people indicated that they prayed to receive Christ! Trey’s little life has impacted so many eternally. I’m so grateful everyday for the 7 years God gave me with my son…I’m missing him like crazy now, but love knowing I get all of eternity with him!

One thought on “Trey’s Homegoing Celebration link

  1. Beth Mackey says:

    As for me, I know that my Redeemer lives, and that as the last he will stand upon the earth. Job 19:25
    Yes and Amen!

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