Heal our hearts oh Lord!

At Noon tomorrow (Sunday), Trey will have been with Jesus for one week. That’s just so hard to believe. This has been a hard day for Emily and I…and I’m dreading tomorrow. Even though we are so happy for Trey to be in heaven, our hearts still hurt so bad. We’ve been watching some old videos of Trey tonight and the fact that I’ll never hold him again on earth is heart wrenching. Knowing I’ll see him again in heaven brings tremendous comfort, but I still have to live on this earth without him…and that is hard.

I’m praying for extra grace tomorrow…especially for my wife. Some of you will read this on Sunday…it’s 11:40pm now, so tomorrow is 20 minutes away…so whenever you read it, please ask the Lord to comfort our hearts. We desperately need a touch from Him.

We continue to try and heal, but healing will have to be a complete work of the Lord. Right now, in my flesh, I just don’t even see how it’s possible to move on, but I know we will. I know God will see us through…I’m trusting Him for that. I also know God is using Trey’s life mightily, and will continue to do so…and for every soul saved and life touched, we rejoice, but at the end of the day, I just want to see my son and hold him right now!!! Oh God heal our hurting hearts…

4 thoughts on “Heal our hearts oh Lord!

  1. Cried like a baby tonight after reading your story. Praying for the God of all comfort to hold you intimately in His arms here while He holds your son in Heaven.

    Stephen Kendrick

    • Are you the Stephen Kendrick from Sherwood Baptist Church?

    • Never mind…just answered my own question :-). Thank you for the post and most importantly your prayers. The movie Courageous was instrumental in preparing me, in a small way, for what we are facing. It’s incredibly painful, but we are trusting God to continue to impact lives through our son’s story. His life counted significantly…because he made a difference eternally.

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