No good thing apart from God!

Trey is receiving round 3 of chemo right now. So far he’s handling everything okay. He is one of the most amazing people I have ever known. Even our doctor said this morning, “Trey is a true hero.” It really is amazing to be 7 years old and considered to be a hero. I’m so proud of Trey.

Trey has good moments each day and difficult moments. He can be feeling okay and then all of a sudden, really start struggling. His lungs continue to get better each day though. Our doctor said that is such a good thing because it shows his body is still able to heal. Trey’s biggest issue is just finding something that will keep these horrible lymphocytes suppressed. We are so hoping this chemo will do that. He has had some tummy issues with the chemo and he is still not eating at all. We really need his appetite to increase. Please pray for that. We also need him to drink more. Please ask the Lord to give him a hunger and thirst.

After today, Trey is halfway done with his chemo. We are hoping and praying this chemo will send those bad cells into oblivion and quickly get him ready for the next transplant. Of course, we’d take a genuine miracle over all this…which is what we pray for daily. Please keep lifting our sweet boy to the Lord. Pray our doctors continue to stand amazed and that God’s name is made great through Trey.

On a different note, many of you know Emily’s mother, Cynthia, has been battling cancer for quite some time. She truly is an amazing woman. Recently, her health has been in radical decline. Cynthia’s husband, Larry, has called in hospice and they are doing what they can to keep her comfortable. We do not know if she will have days or weeks…but whatever the case, her time left on this earth is short. Please pray Cynthia can remain comfortable and peaceful until the Lord calls her home.

Our family is in the thick of the fire. We are being challenged in ways that stretch us tremendously. We are all holding on to the Lord and know that we have “no good thing apart from Him.” Please lift our whole family up to the Lord. We are just in need of extra grace and strength. Thank you.

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