Trey’s in great Hands!

My wife made a great statement yesterday. She said, “Trey will either get to experience a miracle on earth, or he will get to go and be with his Jesus forever.” Knowing those things fills us with tremendous hope…because we KNOW God is holding Trey. God is on His throne and is sovereign over all things, but He is also intimately and intricately involved in every single detail of Trey’s life.

Trey handled round 1 of chemo well yesterday and had a pretty good night last night. He will get his second dose tonight at 6pm. With every dose, he gets more compromised…so keep praying. Our immediate family will all get to be with Trey beginning tomorrow…so I’m hoping that lifts his spirits tremendously.

Our doctor said that we should know in about two weeks if this treatment is working or not. Keep praying for no side effects and no infections! Even the smallest issue could be extremely serious for Trey. We still believe miracles are happening daily and that they will continue to come. Trey’s lungs are looking better daily too. Keep praying they stay strong.

We love each of you and are humbled by so many praying with and for us. The best is yet to come! I will end with a passage I read this morning:

“I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices…(Psalm 16:8-9a).”

2 thoughts on “Trey’s in great Hands!

  1. Pamela Birch says:

    I was sharing your journey with a co-worker yesterday and she directed me to the following link. You may already know about the Aaron Shust family and their journey but if you haven’t this may give you “strength for today and hope for tomorrow”. Read the “About” section and Aaron’s “Blog”. He and his family have been through so much, yet continue to praise God!

    We love you Freeman family!

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