The Plan Today

Trey will start his new chemotherapy beginning this afternoon. Our doctor has been very clear that he just does not know what this will do…it may send Trey into remission, or it may not help at all. We just don’t know.

The particular drug they are using is given over 5 days with a different drug given on the 6th day. It has been successful in children who have been unresponsive to other treatments. During these days of treatment, Trey’s counts will be very low and he will be extremely susceptible to infection. His organs will also be a target with this chemo, as they are with any chemo drugs. We are praying fervently for Trey to be protected from any harm and for this medicine to work wonders on getting these cells in remission.

The infusion will run over two hours and we pray Trey does not react during it. The doctor says he does not think he will, but anything is possible. Most chemo side effects happen several days into the treatment or a few days after the treatments are complete. We, of course, are praying for ZERO side effects.

As you know, these are EXTREMELY important days. Every day is critical for Trey. Here are a few specific things to pray for:

1. Pray that Trey has no fear and just keeps trusting in The Lord (us too);
2. Pray for ZERO reaction and no side effects. Pray he has no nausea or diarrhea and pray all his organs are protected;
3. Pray as the chemo goes in, it will attack these bad cells and work wonders;
4. Pray his body can get into COMPLETE remission and be strong enough for another transplant;
5. Pray for COMPLETE healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May the Lord show extra grace and mercy, and may His name be made great through Trey. Oh Lord heal!!!

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