Trey Update

Below is a wonderful update from my wife. She’s a gift to me!

“News” to us is not news to God. He is all-knowing, all-present, and all-powerful. He knows what every tomorrow holds because He is already there. He already knew the cells would be 61% today and He is still in control. As I drove to the hospital this afternoon, I was praying for strength and clarity. God provided both as I had difficult conversations with our doctor and others. I felt amazing peace as I explained that we plan to fight to the end. That we also know without a doubt that God has the final say. We do not fear death. Death for a believer is a doorway to Everlasting life. It is what every follower of Christ should long for. We do, however, battle fear over our pain, and the thought of losing something more precious to us than our next breath. It hurts unimaginably!
Therefore, We choose to do everything humanly possible and continually lay Trey upon the alter.
We will move forward with the present treatment this week. Then we will re-evaluate. We do have at least one other option, and we plan to move forward, fighting a day at a time until The Lord makes it clear that the fight is over. On that day, blessed be the name of The Lord. He is the reason that we have any hope at all in this life. Please tell someone about Him today.

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