Heading home empty, needing to refuel!

It is heart wrenching for me to leave Trey, but I need to get back to Newcastle and be with my other kids. I am leaving totally worn out, but also hopeful. I just believe every day that miracles are on the way. I need to go home and refuel though too. Please pray that Emily and Trey will have a great week and that I will be able to focus on the things I need to at home and church.

May the power of the Lord rest upon Trey and may God breath incredible, indescribable life into him. Oh Lord may it be!

The updates may be a little sparing for a while with me going home, but when there is something to report, I will do it. We do have another very important flow cytometry test coming up on Monday…it will tell us if the Campath is working at all. PLEASE pray that the results are good…very good…GREAT!!!

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