Oh Lord, may it be!

When I arrived on Monday morning, Trey was very sick. It was clear he was not breathing well. We were very close to having to put him on a ventilator. It was a scary and emotional day.

Since Monday afternoon though, Trey has rallied once again. He just will not give up or give in. God is giving him tremendous strength and in my heart, I just believe the Lord is not through yet. We pray daily for miracles, and this week I believe I saw a few. I asked one our doctors this week what he believed Trey’s chances were of turning around (medically speaking)…and he said, “Honestly, I don’t know because we are in such unchartered waters, but if I was pressed to answer, I’d say less than 30%.” I said, “Well that just increased my prayer life by 70%.”

As I have said before, Trey’s back is against the wall…he’s in the fight of his life…and I am just praying and believing that the Lord, His mighty warrior, will fight on his behalf. Truly, our only hope is in God and I’m praying He reveals
Himself mightily.

So, the challenge for us is this…while Trey’s skin is looking better on the outside, we have to hope the cells are being more controlled on the inside. His skin has not looked this good in a few months, but we need what’s going on inside of him to be resolved. The Lord seems to be answering our prayer regarding the skin, although it still needs to keep clearing, but we now need the abnormal cells to stay suppressed in his blood stream so we can get to the next transplant. We need the Campath to really work! However, wouldn’t it be awesome if we didn’t even need the next transplant…if God just healed Trey!!! That’s what I’m asking Him for and I know God is able to deliver.

I’ve had some really good days with Trey and we’ve come a long way since Monday. He’s getting Campath again tomorrow and Romidepsin on Saturday. We are praying he stays free on any infection, that his lungs keep healing, and that he just gets better every day. I would love for our doctors to watch Trey keep getting better and completely be unable to explain it. Oh Lord, may it be!!! May Your name be made great through the life of my son.

Any way, please keep praying…I know you are…but we just need you to not stop. I was to be like the persistent widow and just keep asking and asking and asking…believing with all I have that God is about to do the miraculous. Anyone who knows me, knows my favorite verse of all time is 2 Corinthians 4:18 which says, “SO WE FIX OUR EYES, NOT ON WHAG WE CAN SEE, BUT ON WHAT WE CANNOT SEE; FOR WHAT IS SEEN IS TEMPORARY AND WHAT IS UNSEEN IS ETERNAL.” I am praying than we will keep seeing the unseen as we walk by faith.

Oh Lord, we humbly ask for You to absolutely wipe this disease away from Trey…breath life into him…and may his life be an incredible testimony of Your awesome power! On Lord, may it be!!!

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