Trey Update

Trey’s numbers came back a little higher today. We expect these kind of ups and downs, but we definitely don’t want to see an upward trend. He is getting day 2 of photopheresis today and another round of Campath tomorrow. We just need all these things to work if Trey is to have a chance.

Emily and I have just given this whole situation to the Lord. We are pleading daily for a miracle, but recognize God may not choose to heal this side of heaven. However, we will wear Him out by asking :-). Our two biggest prayer requests are:

1. For the Campath to work WITHOUT negatively affecting the skin;
2. For Trey’s skin to miraculously clear up!

Those two things would be all we need to move to the next transplant…they would also shock our doctors, which personally I think they all need right now. Emily and I pray our doctors see God in this situation somehow, someway. We want there to be something unexplainable to them. We truly want them to see Jehovah Rapah, the Lord our healer, reach down and touch Trey. BUT IF NOT…we will glorify God in all thing and show them Jesus through our unwavering faith!

Thank you for your prayers and standing with us. We love you!

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