Big Day Tomorrow for Trey

Trey’s lungs have responded nicely to treatment. That is a huge praise the Lord. He is still on a high pressured oxygen machine called a Vapotherm, but they continue to bring his support level down and he is breathing at 99-100% saturation. That is very good!!!

Because he’s been doing so well, he was able to move out of the PICU and back into his room today. That was a huge lift to his morale and psyche. We are so grateful to be back in his room.

So, tomorrow is a big day though. We are going to begin trying Campath again. It has been 4 weeks since he last received Campath. When we used the Campath, it did an excellent job controlling the amount of bad cells in the blood, but seemed to be an aggravate to his skin. However, he still had his spleen at that time and we don’t really know if the skin problems were a result of the Campath or if they would have happened any way. Currently, his skin looks better than it has in weeks!!! We give God great glory for this!!! But we are naturally concerned the Campath might aggravate his skin again. But we have to try it because it does such a good job keeping the cells suppressed in the blood. So, we will start with a small does tomorrow and see how he responds.

Please pray he handles this well. Please pray his lungs endure. Please pray his blood pressure stays strong. Please pray the Campath will actually help and not hurt his skin. Please pray the Campath works!!!

We will update everyone tomorrow. Oh Lord heal…that is our prayer!!!

One thought on “Big Day Tomorrow for Trey

  1. Pamela Birch says:

    So happy trey is responding well. Praying!

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