Flow Results are in

Well, Emily just called and said that the doctor just got the flow cytometry report back and the percentage of abnormal cells is exactly the same as it was when they took it last time…20%!!!

As you know, our prayer was for the abnormal cells to be at 20% or less…so this is a huge victory! Emily said she could tell that our doctor was very surprised. When he made rounds this morning, he told her he expected the percentage to be high…so, he was very surprised when he got the results back today. We give God ALL the glory for this and thank you more than we can say for your prayers…DON’T STOP!

So…what this means is that the abnormal cells are being “steadily” controlled and not out of control like our doctors were assuming. Since Trey was having so many lymphocytes showing up in his blood lately, our doctors were assuming the majority were abnormal cells…what all this tells us is that there are some good t-cells in his blood, that are apparently functioning well! Our doctors will stay the course they are on, but also may decide to begin using Campath again. Our biggest prayer right now is for WISDOM for our doctors. Please pray they will be filled with wisdom and insight from the Lord!

Right now, we are just breathing deeply and thanking the Lord for this victory. Blessed be the name of the Lord…praise HIS holy name!!!

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